PBN Montana loudspeakers

Montana Speakers by PBN Audio

Audio Sound Systems with high-end components…
relentlessly engineered for truly lifelike performance

PBN has always been dedicated to creating high-end audio for the most demanding aficionado. Each speaker is a fluid merging of physics and aesthetics – where compromise is never considered. It’s this refusal to compromise that drove Peter Bichel Noerbaek to achieve that elusive, perfect balance between electronic prowess and acoustic reality. PBN measures success by one standard alone: What you actually hear … not what you’ve been told you heard, not what others claim they heard … not even what instruments measure. At PBN “Hearing Is Believing” … and we back this up with a hand-written signature on every speaker we build.


Connoisseurs of vinyl recordings appreciate the rich history of the medium, and savor the uniquely warm, lustrous sound the classic turntables can provide. The care and craft that went into these fine instruments helped define the golden age of vinyl.

PBN Audio, maker of the GrooveMaster, has employed their deep knowledge of that tradition and transformed four players from the classic Denon DP Series with highly advanced modern electronics. They can be customized with different types of tone arms, even adding, at request, a second arm for both stereo and mono setup. This is a truly unique hybrid of past and present technologies, blended together for the pure love of music…and now performing at a whole new level of sonic brilliance.

PBN Total Experience Series


Although PBN built its enviable reputation on the pristine realism of two-channel audio, it was a natural transition to apply similar innovations to home theater systems. By necessity, these speakers are smaller in scale. The same fastidious attention to electronic and cabinet detail is embodied in PBN’s petite speakers as is found in the larger series. In fact, a few innovations had to be created so that these smaller speakers deliver the presence and spatial transitions required when presenting a movie soundtrack.



PBN uses only the finest components and materials, including paints, veneers and glues. Every standard of manufacture is strictly met or exceeded. PBN is an international company, shipping around the world to countries that may experience extremes of temperature and humidity which create conditions unsuitable for fine cabinetry. Please be aware that a phenomenon called “checking” may damage veneers due to extremely low humidity. If too much moisture is drawn out of the air, even the most expertly applied veneers will unavoidably dry out, shrink, and either crack or part at the seams. The finest quality glues and varnishes used by PBN cannot prevent “checking” in these conditions. We recommend that you use at least one humidifier near speakers with veneer finishes to prevent this from happening.

We encourage you to buy from your local PBN Audio dealer – they are uniquely qualified to optimize your PBN Audio experience. Please note that any purchases of PBN Audio products not made through a local or regional sales representative will not be eligible for the full product warranty.

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