Olympia-AX Amplifier


Driving the most demanding speakers is what these amplifiers are all about. They literally create the necessary punch that would be otherwise lacking. And when you lack punch on the lower end of the audio scale, you lack everything. 

These fully balanced power amplifiers are both highly capable of reproducing delicate musical subtleties as well as robustly powerful passages with extraordinary presence. As an "über-amplifier" the Olympia-AX renders all other amplifiers obsolete by using audacious amounts of current to achieve an astonishing range of realism within the musical spectrum. 

Capable of accommodating any loudspeaker load, this amplifier should be put to work in every high-end system requiring a powerhouse amplifier that takes no prisoners. It's big. It's bold, and it will take on every behemoth speaker. 

It's a fact: The finest loudspeakers in the world cannot compensate for losses of an underpowered amplifier. Though the chassis of some amplifiers imply they have a lot of horsepower under the hood, all too often the eye suggests more than the electronics can deliver. This is not the case of the Olympia-SWA:  the mother of all amplifiers! This mighty auditorium-grade mastodon delivers the brute force necessary to drive the Master Reference's dual 18" subwoofers. 

And that's what it is specifically built to do. The SWA achieves its reason for existence with the ease you should expect from a linear Class A amplifier designed to out-perform everything else available. Best of all, it more than fulfills every promise the chassis suggests. With PBN you always get more than what you pay for. That's not only our promise – it's our philosophy.

Olympia-AX Amplifier back


  • Two-Channel All-FET circuit design utilizing a 4,000VA transformer (The SWA has two 2,200VA transformers)
  • 500k uF power supply capacitance
  • 220 Watts of clean power @ eight Ohm load per channel
  • High-quality onboard regulators in the voltage gain section
  • Inputs: Balanced, RCA and 75 Ohm BNC
  • Output stage features ten pairs of closely matched output devices per channel. Precision soldered to eight-gauge solid copper buss-bar. (SWA has 16 pairs of output devices per channel)
  • Outputs: Two sets of WBT™ binding posts per channel 
  • Amplifier can be bridged into differential mode supplying close to 800 Watts into an eight Ohm load. It requires a fully differential pre-amp if used as a mono-block
  • High-quality 20 amp power cord included
  • Size: 19"W x 11.25"H x 24"D
  • Weight: 180 pounds
Olympia-AX Amplifier inside

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